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casual reminder : this blog is the best and you are best and please keep doing this blog forever i love you

casual reminder: this is so sweet, you’re so sweet! Thank you!


Huh, I'm surprised (and kinda relieved, lol!) no one mentioned Mascherano! He's the best ever(not just from Argentina's NT) and he's MY bae so I call dibs on him!! LOL

Mascherano is amazing, truly.


Newsflash: none of us have the right to judge Mesut Özil, what he did or didn't do. The only one who has that right is Mandy. Or were any of us hurt emotionally by allegedly true yellow press claims?

Newsflash: We can judge whoever we want because that’s how humanity works. If no famous people were judged, that would be pretty pointless. Obviously, don’t judge too harshly but, in general, it’s perfectly okay to judge people.


people thinks that mesut is an innocent angel but he is not at all. I have nothing against him i like him but his obsession for women is lame

It isn’t lame, it’s objectifying & gross.


Do you think Suarez is ugly?